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2019 Update

Quick update of the past year.

By Luke Buckless

So 2018 has been a great first year and gave me a great insight into what my social audience is in to.

The main aim for this project was to get my content noticed, it’s always been a hobby and wanted to do something with it productively. The following I’ve received has blown me away, although a small number in the bigger picture, I never thought id have nearly 1000 followers in the first 12 months. I’ve been to a number of events and got to see some amazing builds, trying out all kinds of shows to get a feel for what it is I want to achieve and what works well.

It’s obvious that the modified scene has a vast fan base, every photo of anything remotely modified has always had more interest, therefore this year I’ll be attending more events like this, such as Fitted UK and Gravity. As well as this I’ll be looking into personal shoots as this is something i’ve been striving to do a while. I may also try out a few events featuring old race cars and see what style I’ll can produce from these.

The number of followers to me isn't a race, I’ve always rather had 1k followers who are genuinely interested in my content than 5k followers selling pet products and get rich quick schemes. So I’ll be focusing on getting more of the right kind of followers through marketing and looking through recommended followers. This will hopefully further the popularity of the page and get the ball rolling, aiming to double the current count by this time next year.

If you like my work and want to help get the word around then feel free! Tag @lbautophoto or share a re-post of my images, just keep the watermark in there and tag me in.

I appreciate all the comments and support received and hope you come along for the ride this year!

Thanks, Luke

Ultimate Stance 18'