LB Auto Photo | Clio 197 LUX
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RenaultSport Clio 197 LUX

autofresh 2.0 16v | 194bhp | 2009 Luke
You’d think the two car would be pretty similar to it’s predecessor but there’s nothing comparable between these cars other than the Clio badge.

Straight off the Clio 197 feels a lot more refined and more reassuring that the previous 182. This car feels like it’s been created from the ground up and really feels like your in a sporty car, the older car felt like it was an afterthought in comparison, almost as if they thought they’d shove a big engine in a little car and see what happens and from a drivers point of view it made it feel like a track toy.

This car on the other hand feels like it’s a separate entity to the standard clio, the styling and noise this car make with such a smooth power delivery combined makes the whole car feel much faster than it is.

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